FedEx truck chase: Kansas City police chase stolen FedEx truck (FULL VIDEO)

KANSAS CITY - Police chased a stolen FedEx truck Wednesday evening after a man hopped into the vehicle when its original driver left the keys in the ignition.

According to police, authorities were called to a Kansas City Shell station early Wednesday morning. The man behind the wheel has been identified as 19-year-old Caleb Ownby. He was booked into jail Wednesday night.

According to a family member, who declined to go on camera, Ownby was at a casino across the street when he got into a fight with his girlfriend and needed a ride. The family member said Ownby then allegedly walked to the Shell station and stole the FedEx truck.

Several hours later, police spotted the stolen truck and began chasing him.

Video from overhead during the chase showed the driver stopping at traffic signs and lights -- even using turn signals. At one point, the truck stopped at a light and police approached the vehicle with their weapons drawn. They tried to pull him out of the truck, but the truck quickly sped off, eluding cops.

Eventually, the truck's tire blew out after running over police "stop sticks," causing sparks and slowing down the vehicle.

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