Doctors save Michigan baby boy who swallowed whole pacifier

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - A Michigan baby swallowed an entire pacifier in a case and doctors had to race to save his life. 

Mom Adrienne Herrick had been at work when she received the call from her son's daycare to rush to the hospital.

"I knew it had to have been bad," said Herrick.

Five-month-old Cameron had swallowed his entire pacifier.  It was lodged in the middle of his throat and he could barely breathe. 

"They talked to me and they said, 'We don't know if he's going to make it, but we're going to do everything we can,'" said Herrick.

The Redford, Mich. mother said the daycare provider told her what happened. 

"He was holding it in his mouth just gnawing on it and then he like bounced or something and he ended up pushing it into his mouth," said Herrick.

Paramedics rushed Cameron to the emergency room.

"I've never seen it in my ten years of practicing," said Dr. Matt Warpinski who was in the emergency room that day.

"There's probably a couple of holes in the pacifier that let were letting the baby breathe a little bit and the baby was kind of dusky looking," said Corinna Azar, RN, who worked on Cameron in the emergency room.

The ER team rushed to get baby Cameron oxygen.

"To save his life we had to put a needle into his neck into the airway to breathe for him."

Then surgeons pulled out the large pacifier as a whole.  Pieces of it broke off as doctors pulled it out and put Cameron in a medically-induced coma.

"Everywhere in my mind I was thinking he's going to make it through this because if he doesn't I'm not going to make it," said Herrick.

A few days later, little Cameron woke up on his mom's birthday.

"So I got to hold him on my birthday, which is the best birthday gift I could have ever gotten my entire life," said Herrick.


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