Detroit paramedic survives heart attack suffered while treating another heart attack patient

DETROIT - A veteran Detroit paramedic is being called a hero, a lifesaver and a miracle. 

Joseph Hardman, 40, was giving CPR to a man having a heart attack last Friday morning when he had his own heart attack inside the EMS unit.

His partner drove them both to the Detroit Medical Center where they have a 24/7 Cardiac Care unit. Both men had stents put in to clear the blockage in their arteries. 

Doctor Michael Brown says Hardman's blockage was in what they call the "widow maker" artery and the odds of this happening are "one in a million."

Hardman says he did not know how serious he was until his chest pains grew stronger and he was sweating. 

"If I hadn't been in the position I was in, I would have been deceased," he told 7 Action News Monday.

Hardman gets to go home from the hospital and the doctor says with a couple of months of therapy, he could return to work. 

The other patient did not want to talk with the media but he is also recovering. 

Hardman has worked the streets for 15 years and has no prior heart health issues. His union president, Joe Barney, says he is a hero and a miracle. Because of the timing of his heart attack, Hardman ended up at the hospital and his life was saved as was the patient in his care.  

Hardman's patient is also recovering well.

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