Dell to fix laptops smelling of cat pee

Dell is finally admitting that some of its new Latitude laptops have a strange odor, that many owners have likened to "cat urine."

Hundreds of complaints began popping up in social media and tech forums since early summer, when Dell released its latest Latitude E643ou laptop PC.

Some asked if a cat had peed in their new computer at the factory, others wondered if used kitty litter was used as packing around it.

No Way To Get the Smell Out

Whatever the cause, owners complained they could not get the smell out, even wiping down the laptop repeatedly with Lysol wipes.

Dell initially told customers to leave the laptop open so it would get fresh air, and wipe it down periodically, but that didn't help.

Dell Admits Issue, Will Fix

Now, Dell finally admits that an issue with the "manufacturing process" caused some of the plastic parts inside to have a smell similar to cat urine, according to the tech website Engadget.

The Guardian, which says owners "have their cat claws out," claims the problem may be the palm rest.

It says it is not a health hazard, and that no cats were involved in making the devices.

But the company will now offer a replacement laptop, or at least the plastic parts involved, to customers who absolutely cannot live with the odor, which would be most people who are not cat lovers.

As always, don't waste your money.

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