Dealnews: 5 items expected to drop in price during month of April

In April, we expect a lot of rain since the showers this month supposedly bring May flowers.

If you find yourself sitting inside on a rainy day, there are deals you can take advantage of this month.

1. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablets are priced at $269 for the base 16GB WiFi version. While dealnews has seen that price lower in the past, analysts say most models are at or near their lowest prices.

2. If you need some spring clothing, dealnews expects prices will drop 30 to 40 percent this month as the sales typically happen two months after inventory is displayed in stores.

3. Apple products are also expected to drop in price, including the refurbished iPad 4.

4. With tax day approaching, many companies will offer freebies to celebrate the end of the tax season. Many restaurants offer freebies including a cup of coffee, breakfast food, or side order.

5. The prices on big screen HDTVs are near or below Black Friday prices according to dealnews. The site says there has never been a better time to buy a 60-inch, 55-inch or 55-inch 3D TV.

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