Couple begins new life after Yarnell Hill Fire

SELINSGROVE, PA - George and Delores Dubaska are getting used to their new home town of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The couple lost their home in the Yarnell Hill Fire a couple weeks ago, and are now focusing on rebuilding everything they lost.

"We just barely made it out of the house," said George Dubaska.

The couple had just come home from church and were napping when the flames approached their neighborhood. Both are hard of hearing and didn't hear the sirens outside their home until their dog started barking.

"We looked over and saw our neighbor's house and he said, 'Yetta's house is already on fire,'" said Delores.

"I told Delores we gotta get out of here. I didn't know if we were on fire or what, but there was smoke all over the place," said George.

The couple and their dogs made it out safely before their home was engulfed in flames. When they were allowed back to their neighborhood, they found everything they had left destroyed by the fire. All they have now are pictures of their damaged home.

"The day was just plain horrible. All I do is thank God every day for having both of us," said George.

The Dubaska's son picked them up from Arizona and drove them to Selinsgrove. They are staying with their son until they find a permanent home. The entire family is thankful they are alive.

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