Caught on camera: Man allegedly tries to hit neighbor with tractor in dispute over snow removal

Family says feud began years ago

LARIMER COUNTY, CO - Home video shows a man on a tractor fighting with his neighbor, then allegedly trying to run over him with the tractor.

The video was shot by Nikki Lund, the wife of the man who was hit. Scott and Nikki have lived in their home in the foothills of Larimer County since 2007. For the majority of their time there, the Lunds said, a neighbor has harassed them.

Denver channel KMGH obtained a copy of a Larimer County Sheriff's report from Jan. 7, 2014 that detailed the fight involving the tractor.

It states, "Nikki Lund called in to report that their neighbor had come over onto the Lund property with their tractor and had tried to run over her husband [Scott]. She also reported that her husband tried to pull the neighbor off the tractor and then her husband was hit with the tractor."

 "I told him to get the hell off the property and he said get the hell out of the way or I'm going to run you over. That's when he slammed into me with the tractor and slid me back into the post." said Scott.

See video in player below: 

The report also detailed an interview with the neighbor Paul Bennett.

Bennett told the deputy, "he was removing snow from the fence line that Mr. Lund had shoved up against this fence when Lund plowed his driveway. He said he didn't want a lot of snow piled up against his fence so that was why he over there plowing."

KMGH contacted both families. The Lunds said their neighbor has never liked them, and they do not know why.

"Six to eight months in is when things started to change," Scott said talking about when they started having issues with Bennett. "Over ten times, the sheriff's department has been called."

The Lunds accuse Bennett of using flood lights to shine light into their home at night, putting homemade bells and license plates on gates to make noise, leaving trash on the fence and putting dead mice in their mailbox.

KMGH toured the Lunds' property. From their backyard, a large homemade bell is visible hanging in Bennett's yard. There are beer cans hanging on rope. The fence in front has notes with the definitions for 'paranoid' and 'schizophrenia' directed toward the Lund house.

"You get to the point where you try your best to ignore it. I'm not going to sell my property. I've waited my whole life to live in the foothills of Colorado. It's my dream, it's always been my dream. I'm not moving, I just want to be here in peace," Scott said.

"And we shouldn't be afraid to walk down the damn driveway," followed Nikki.

KMGH also contacted Paul Bennett.

"I would be glad to talk to you about this when it's all at it's end but I can't talk about it right now," Bennett said.

Bennett was ticketed for assault and trespassing charges. KMGH obtained a list of 911 calls to the residence from Larimer County Sheriff's Office. Since 2012, deputies have responded to 18 calls at the property line.

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