Ballpark food packs major league calories

What says summer more than baseball? Many of us are hitting the ballpark and cheering for our teams. And that means snacking on stadium food.

But how many calories are we consuming during a game?

"Play ball", words that all baseball fans love to hear. And like with any sport, munching on yummy stadium food is just part of the experience. But keep in mind, ballpark eats can carry a lot of calories. Let's take a look.

No game is complete without the all American hot dog. Each frank, without condiments, carries about 150 calories, but that only counts for the average dog, not a kielbasa, half smoke, or foot-long. They have a lot more calories. And all these items have hundreds of milligrams of salt and are high in fat.

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. Well, maybe. An 8-ounce bag of peanuts runs about 840 calories; an 8-ounce box of Cracker Jacks has 420 calories.

Approximate numbers for other ballpark favorites:

Cotton candy - 2 ounce bag - 210 calories

Hamburger - 6 ounce beef with bun - 490 calories

Pizza - one large slice - around 400 calories without toppings

Super nachos with cheese - 15-hundred calories

French fries - average serving around 500 calories add chili and the calories go up to as least to 700.

Soft pretzel - a small one is 480 calories; jumbo pretzel - 700

And a regular ballpark soda is 140 calories; a draft beer is 240.

A lot of ballparks do provide less caloric foods, like salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, Italian ice and bottled water.

Nutritionists say, plan your day at the ballpark ahead of time and think about what you'll be eating and just how much.

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