Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's son Tanner busted for tweeting racist slurs

The offensive language used by Senator Jeff Flake's teenage son on the Internet has resulted in a public apology from both father and son.

"I'm very disappointed in my teenage son's words, and I sincerely apologize for the insensitivity. This language is unacceptable, anywhere. Needless to say, I've already spoken with him about this, he has apologized, and I apologize as well," Senator Flake said in a statement to BuzzFeed.

Before Tanner Flake locked his Twitter account, his public tweets regularly contained offensive slurs, according to Buzzfeed. 

On his Twitter account, Flake also posted screenshots of games revealing his username, "n1ggerkiller." 

Flake's online lingo wasn't restricted to just Twitter, however.

In YouTube comments, Flake has repeatedly called other users "n*****" and "f****t" and referred to Mexicans as the "scum of the Earth."

On several occasions, Flake even bragged about his father's position in Congress.

All of Flake's comments can be found on Buzzfeed.

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