Arizona gas prices go up 14 cents in the last week

PHOENIX - Arizona motorists are paying more at the pump again this week.

Officials with AAA Arizona said Friday that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is $3.52 a gallon. That's 14 cents higher than last week.

An ABC15 crew talked with a Valley driver who said she spends half her pay check on gas.

"We have a long commute and we have to get the kids to school, I don't know how we're going to do it," said Denise Yrigoyen.

She said they might have to start taking the bus if gas prices continue to climb.

This week's national average is $3.64 per gallon, up by more than 8 cents from last week.

AAA analysts say the price rise has been propelled since mid-January by regional refinery issues and the approaching switchover to summer-blend gasoline.

Tucson has the lowest average gasoline price in Arizona at $3.25 a gallon while Scottsdale has the highest at $3.60.

Wyoming has the lowest average gas prices in the continental U.S. at $3.11 a gallon with California having the highest at $4.08 a gallon.

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