Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne hits national airwaves on controversial gun proposal

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne made national headlines Thursday for his stance on guns in school.

Horne's proposed plan to designate one person in each school to carry a gun has spurred debates across the country.

Horne proposed to have one principal, or one person designated by the principal, to carry a gun in each school. This person would be trained free of charge by law enforcement.

Already, Horne has sheriff's from Pinal, Mojave, and Apache Counties on board with his plan.

Horne proposed his plan on CNN, remaining composed even when drilled about potential flaws in his plan.

"What happens if the one person you've trained and put all this investment in is not there at the time of a potential school shooting?" asked a CNN correspondent.

"Well it may be that after we've trained one person per school, we may look to more than one person. We're starting with one because of the number of schools we have," said Horne.

There would have to be legislative action to amend state law in order for Horne's plan to move forward.

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