9 items that may drop in price in 2013

Many things are expected to go up in price this new year, as highlighted in a Don't Waste Your Money report on New Year's Eve.

However, not everything will cost you more, according to the savings website DealNews.com.

Here's a look at 9 things that are predicted to drop in price during 2013:

1. Microsoft Surface Tablet
DealNews predicts the slow selling Surface tablet will be offered in more retailers in 2013, which increases the chance for savings. Also, a more powerful Surface Pro will be released this month meaning the older generation Surface RT will likely go down.

2. Streaming video
Redbox will soon offer a streaming alternative to Netflix that will cost $8 a month. For that price, you'll get four one-day DVD rentals per month with unlimited streaming. It will be interesting to see how Redbox's competitors react to the lower pricing strategy.

3. 60" LCD HDTVs
DealNews said Black Friday prices for 60-inch LCD HDTVs were 4 percent less than the site's prediction. Expect even more price drops in 2013, unless you are talking about Internet-enabled Smart TV's, which is adding to the cost of those higher end TVs.

4. Gaming
A new system called Ouya will be released this year, which is a $99 game console, unlike the more than $300 systems we've grown accustomed to.

5. Solar costs
Lux Research reports the cost of making a part in solar panels is going down. Might be time to go green and get some solar panels.

6. AMD Laptops
DealNews believes the PC chip-maker may not make it through the year as it struggles with financial issues. That may lead to deep discounts on AMD-based laptops.

7. eBooks
The Justice Department sued five publishers over eBook price fixing, and customers were refunded for purchases on select eBooks. At the time, Amazon also announced price reductions.

8. Shopping from your smartphone
Mobile shopping is on the rise. Some stores are now replacing those paper coupons with text messages full of coupons. That way you have the coupons in the palm of your hand when you need them rather than on your refrigerator or at home in a pile. The deals and promotions via smartphones is expected to just get bigger.

9. Apple's iPhone 5
Apple products don't usually get discounted too much, so news of deep discounts on the Apple iPhone 5 raise questions about when the next one will arrive on the market. Reports indicate it could be May or June.

As always, don't waste your money.

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