5-year-old Miles receives wish to be Batkid for a day by Make-A-Wish Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO - Holy "Batkid" Batman!

Five-year-old Miles will become a mini-version of the superhero for a day as his wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the company said.

Miles is battling leukemia and looks to superheroes to find strength. His wish to become a superhero will come true November 15.

The batkid will make several rescues throughout the day (including rescuing San Francisco mascot Lou Seal), stop evil villains and ride in the bat mobile, Make-A-Wish said.

After a day of hard super-hero work, he will be honored by the Mayor of San Francisco and the police chief at city hall. Miles will also receive the key to the city, Make-A-Wish said.

Make-A-Wish is hoping to have a huge group of volunteers, and is asking for help from anyone who lives in San Francisco. They would act as citizens pleading for help from the batkid to rescue the city mascot on his wish day.

For more information about Miles' wish, visit wish.org.

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