5 things to know for your day -- Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Terror overshadows athletics as the Sochi Olympics near, police make arrests in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman's drug supply, and a winter storm is piling on the snow and ice in the Northeast.

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of "5 Things to Know for Your New Day."


Not a fan:

The Olympic torch arrived in Sochi, Russia, today, and most Americans aren't too thrilled -- with that country, its anti-gay laws or its President Vladimir Putin. That's what a new CNN poll says today. About 55% don't like Russia, and even more expect a terror attack in coming weeks. Speaking of which: You might start hearing the name Imarat Kavkaz. It means Caucasus Emirate and stands for a radical Islamist group that wants a holy state in the area around Sochi. U.S. officials say they pose the biggest terror menace to the Games.


Glassine bags:

Those are small envelopes that dealers use to package drugs. Police say they found 350 yesterday on four people they arrested. They might be connected with the drugs in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment. Police also looked into what the actor was up to before he died. Turns out he pulled $1,200 from an ATM on Saturday while talking to a couple of guys.


Too quick on the trigger:

Remember Christopher Dorner, that ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer who went on a guerrilla warfare rampage last year over his firing? He killed a former police captain's daughter and led police on a massive manhunt that ended in a wild shootout at a burning cabin. Back then, some officers overreacted and shot up a pickup truck passing by. It injured two women. Now eight of the officers face discipline -- from getting intensive training to getting fired.

After Dorner's rampage, 69 fired officers came forward, saying unfair firings at the LAPD were par for the course.


Northeast snow lowdown:

One, two, three ... days of snow in a row. Today's dump: about a foot of flakes flutter down in Boston. NYC will see a 6-inch layer of new snow fall on top of a record 8 inches that fell Monday. Ice that layer cake with about an inch of crunchy freezing rain. The storm will kick a foot of white over upper New York state, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


It still stinks:

Weeks after that chemical spill in the Elk River, that's what people are telling Erin Brockovich about their tap water. The smell's especially bad when they heat it. An independent CNN test in two Charleston households says that the levels of the chemical in the drinking water are safe now by CDC standards. But the activist still says: Don't drink it! A federal grand jury thinks the spill may amount to a crime.

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