5 things to know for your day -- Monday, January 27

A gunman's journal may hold clues to why he opened fire at a mall store. A cruise ship with more than 600 sick passengers is headed back. And today may be a key test of Russia's Olympic preparedness.

It's Monday, and here are the "5 Things to Know for Your New Day."


Elusive answers: This much is known: Darion Marcus Aguilar drove up in a cab to the The Mall in Columbia, Maryland, went into a shop for skaters and opened fire. He killed two shop employees -- 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson -- before taking his own life. The question bedeviling investigators now is: Why? Why did the 19-year-old do it? It doesn't appear that he knew the victims. Clues, if not the answer, may lie in the gunman's journal. Cops say that in it, he expressed "some general unhappiness with his life."


Royal pain: For more than 600 passengers aboard the Explorer of the Seas, the cruise has become just that. The Royal Caribbean ship set sail from New Jersey on Tuesday, but it's now headed home because there's been an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness on board. Passengers and crew are throwing up and fighting diarrhea. The cause isn't clear, but the symptoms are consistent with norovirus.


Turn the page: A wrenching court fight ended yesterday when Marlise Munoz was finally taken off a ventilator. The pregnant woman was brain dead, and her family wanted her body released for burial. But the hospital said its hands were tied. A Texas law says you can't hold back life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant woman.


Winter (war) Games: The Games are less than two weeks away, and all we're still talking about are security concerns. The U.S. is putting two warships in the Black Sea and keeping a transport aircraft on standby in Germany. It's an unfortunate necessity. Islamic militants have made it quite clear that they'll try to disrupt the Games. Today will be a key test. The Olympic torch passes through Dagestan, a militant hotbed. .


We're up all night to get lucky: Some did -- like our favorite robot duo Daft Punk. And some got robbed (the McCartney-Dave Grohl collab over Muse for best rock song? Really?). But we didn't tune in just to see who got, as Jay-Z put it, a gold sippy cup. We tuned in for Pink's jaw-dropping acrobatics; for Pharrell's Arby's-inspired hat, which spawned its own Twitter handle; for Queen Latifah marrying off 34 couples (gay and straight) during "Same Love"; and for the five minutes of sheer, stunning awesomeness that was Kendrick Lamar TEARING THE ROOF OFF with Imagine Dragons!!

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