5 things to know for your day -- Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi's opening ceremonies will include a Russian history lesson, investigators want Justin Bieber charged with a felony for allegedly egging his neighbor, and beware of faux Democratic websites made by the GOP.

Welcome to the Friday edition of "5 Things to Know for Your New Day."


Top secret top story:

Shhh! It's officially top secret -- what the opening ceremonies will look like today. But rehearsals have been huge; people saw them, and whispered details to the local press. Expect Russian history -- but no Lenin, no Stalin. Speaking of leaks: An official said surveillance cameras caught people abusing hotel showers. Wait. Surveillance cameras in bathrooms? Other officials say: never happened.


Egg on his face:

The Beeb hasn't looked too hot lately. He faces misdemeanor charges in Miami on buzzed driving and resisting arrest and in Toronto on smacking a limo driver. On top of that, his plane got searched over the smell of pot on board. And remember when his neighbors accused him of egging their house in L.A.? Investigators want him charged with felony in that case, because it did $20,000 in damage.


Elephant in donkey's clothing:

Say you're a Democrat, and you want to donate to a campaign, so you Google your favorite candidate's website. There's her smiling picture; colors are Dem blue. You donate, and whoops! Up pops a photo of George W. Bush saying: Thank you! Well, you should've read the fine print, because the GOP is making faux candidate sites for Dems that look pretty darn real - to get donations to beat them.


Black and white:

First came whiteout conditions, then came the blackouts. Trees fell across power lines, so now utility crews are shimmying up poles -- well, riding up in basket cranes - to string them back up. Hundreds of thousands of people without heat are sitting on their couches packed up in winter duds from long johns to parkas and looking at each other with flashlights.


Popcorn vs. bullets:

Curtis Reeves is that retired cop who allegedly shot a man he was arguing with in a Florida movie theater after the man threw popcorn on him. A court couldn't decide two days ago whether or not to grant him a payable bail, so today, they'll go at it again. And they'll show infrared surveillance video of the shooting. Reeves' defense says he was scared of the bigger, younger man. The prosecutor paints the 71-year-old as a hot-head.

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