14-year-old forced to get pregnant by mom in Britain

PHOENIX - A mother in Britain was sentenced Monday for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant using donor sperm, the Associated Press reported.

The woman, an American divorcee living in Britain with three adopted children, was so desperate for another child that she forced her daughter to be her surrogate. The Associated Press reported that the mother hatched the plan after she was prevented from adopting a fourth child.

In his ruling Monday, a judge quoted the teenager as saying she was first shocked by the suggestion but thought, "If I do this … maybe she will love me more."

The daughter reportedly suffered a miscarriage and was forced to attempt to get pregnant six more times before she gave birth to a baby boy in July 2011, when she was 17, according to the Associated Press.

Midwives at the hospital became suspicious when the girl's mother stopped her from breastfeeding the baby because she "didn't want any of that attachment thing."

The hospital alerted police, and the children were taken into foster care, the Associated Press reported. The mother is now serving a five-year jail term for child cruelty.

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