$100 bill serial numbers: Currency collectors after 'fancy' serial numbers on newly minted bills

Imagine turning an ordinary (or apparently extraordinary) $100 bill into a $1,000 paycheck.

Currency hunters as they're called are going to be on the look out for specific bills after the newly-revamped, and minted, one-hundred-dollar bills are released on Oct. 8.

The new bills feature a flashy golden "100" in the lower right-hand corner to help thwart counterfeiters.

According to The Boston Globe, currency collectors will pay handsomely for the bills that have unusual serial numbers.

These "fancy" serial numbers, as they call them, include low numbers (00000001 to 00000100), sequences (12345678), solids (22222222), and other characteristics that make the eight digits more than just a random jumble of numbers.

Now you could have a legitimate excuse to play with your money, so to speak.

Some collectors are searching for specific bills featuring just 1's and 0's to represent binary code or dates in history such as 07041776, the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

One collector, according to The Boston Globe, has developed a website to display his "fancy" collection.

With the new $100 bills coming out on Oct. 8, make sure to check those eight unassuming digits or you could be making a costly mistake.

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