World's tallest roller coaster to be built in Florida

Amusement park lovers and thrill seekers will be happy to know that the world's tallest roller coaster will be built in Florida.

The exact location of the "Polercoaster" has not yet been revealed.

It will tower at 520 feet and riders will plummet at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

Riders will get to the top by train.

U.S. Thrill Rides reports, "Operation is simple. Trains are boarded by guests. They are then driven to the top loading them with enormous potential energy. Gravity then takes over... aided by designers skilled in wringing every ounce of adrenaline out of that stored energy. Thoroughly exhilarated guests disembark at the bottom. The result is a guest experience sure to drive repeat visitation and word of mouth promotion."

Two glass elevators will take guests to an observation tower at the top.

It may be used as retail or restaurant space as well.

Reports say the coaster will debut in spring of 2016.

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