Valentine's Day balloons can hurt power lines, APS warns

PHOENIX - Most people would be happy to receive some balloons from their Valentine on Feb. 14, but you might not be aware of the damage they can cause to power lines.

Arizona Public Service is warning would-be Casanovas that their heartfelt gift of balloons can cause short circuits on power lines and could potentially result in power outages.

Balloons made of metallic fibers are the most dangerous, APS says, because these short circuits can trigger explosions or melt wires, leading to fires, outages or injuries.

Balloons caused 130 outages in the past five years, affecting nearly 100,000 customers, APS says.

APS recommends that buyers keep balloons indoors, attach a weight to metallic balloons, and deflate and dispose of balloons properly. They also recommend never playing with balloons (or any other flying toys) near overhead power lines. 

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