'The List' tells you how to pick the best swimsuit for your body

Buying a swimsuit is a lot like singing karaoke -- you might think you nailed it, but no one else does. They just don't have the nerve to tell you. You need a suit that won't horrify your kids, and we're helping you find it using three rules.


Susan Nethero is the founder of Intimacy, a chain of stores that sells lingerie and bra-sized swimwear. We met her at her store in Scottsdale Fashion Square to get her tips to looking great poolside.

For Nethero, it comes down to these three things.

"You really need to have a suit that's going to give you great lift and support, you need a suit that fits both your top and bottom and you want to pick a style that works for your body, and that means creating balance," she said.

Sounds easy enough, but none of us is perfect, so that means we'll need to tackle a few common challenges most women face.

1.  Not dressing for your body
Two thirds of women are either top or bottom heavy, yet we wear the same sized suit on top and bottom. Nethero says she sees this one all the time, but it's a simple fix. Buy suits that are separates and try to create balance between your top and bottom halves. If you are bigger on top, try to minimize your bust with a halter top that provides lift and support, pairing it with a flirty skirt or shorts on the bottom to even out your figure. You'll be amazed at how long and lean you look.

2.  Choosing the wrong style
There are so many styles it's difficult to choose the right one, and maybe that's why a lot of us get it wrong. If the suit is wrinkly or puckering it's a sign you've got it wrong. Nethero again goes back to her rules when correcting this challenge. Find a suit that has more structure to provide you the support you need, and once again look for a bottom that has the same proportions to even out your shape. Style details can draw attention to an area you'd like to highlight, which also means they draw the eye away from areas you may want to hide.

3.  Hiding behind a larger size
Because most of us don't like to traipse around in our underwear in public, which is pretty much what a swimsuit is all about, many of us will make the mistake of buying a suit that is too large in an attempt to hide our shape. This is a big no-no. Nethero says it's a problem because the larger size isn't going to fit as well, which means it won't give you that support and lift she says is key. "Ruching" is a great way to minimize a tummy, and to minimize a large bust, Nethero suggests support and lift.

Now you are armed and ready to hit the store. Just remember style, support and balance, and you'll be strutting your stuff poolside in no time.

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