'The List' ranks best mobile and tablet apps for moms

PHOENIX - Modern day mommies are a special breed; a mixture of warrior, financial planner, Supreme Court justice and teacher. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything in the manner in which you'd like. However, The List found a few apps that could help you.


Our Method for Choosing the Best Mom Apps

First, our producers (who are also mommies) found applications that could possibly help them sort out the chaos in their lives. Then they found an independent, "real world" mom to test them out.

Using The Lists's proprietary rating mechanism, "The Mommy Rating System," we endeavored to give you an educated heads up on these apps using tasty and kid-friendly goldfish crackers instead of stars to determine each app's level of helpfulness.

Our List of Top 3 Apps for Moms

1) Dragon Dictation: This is a voice recognition application that allows you to take verbal notes or compose emails and text messages by simply speaking into the phone. Available on iPhone and Android.

Rating: 3 goldfish

Comments: "I can push the button and record the message so that when I get to my destination it's there and the note is not just a mental note anymore," said our test mother Morgan Vanderwall.

2) Red Laser: This application scans a barcode, then searches for retail locations that carry it. The app even finds the cheapest price!

Rating: 4 goldfish

Comments: "It allows you to preorder from your phone," Vanderwall said, "and [it] shows you different pricing before it's even in stores."

3)  Intuition: The motto for this app is "life simplified." This application can keep track of all the lists in your life, from grocery needs to appointments and shopping lists. Intuition can do it all. Only available for iPhones.

Rating: 4 goldfish

Comments: "I am a person who makes lists for everything," Vanderwall said. "Grocery, shopping, errands ... you name it. This app brings all of those things together."

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