'The List': How to grill awesome veggies

PHOENIX - Memorial Day weekend wouldn't be the same without the backyard grill. The staple of backyard cooking isn't just for meat either. Here's a list of vegetables that are perfect for grilling, according to Chef Mark Amborn of Roka Akor.


Cut it in half lengthwise and grill each side four a couple of minutes, until you see defined grill marks.

Sweet Corn

Soak the corn, with the husk, in water for about 20 minutes before grilling. The ears should be done grilling in about 12 minutes. Remember to add lots of butter while the corn grills.

Brussels Sprouts

A rare find on a backyard grill, but believe us when we tell you they are delicious. Cut them in half, then put them on a skewer before placing them on the heat for about four minutes.


Blanch them first, then shock them in cold water. After they're chilled, cut them into smaller lengths and put several of those lengths on skewers. This makes them easy to grill.

Alternative to Grilling

Maybe grilling isn't for you. In that case, try Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa.

This restaurant is part eatery and part show. The centerpiece of the dining room is the largest theatrical pipe organ in the world. The trained organists play everything from Disney music to Michael Jackson and even Adele.

If you stop by this weekend, a portion of your specialty pizza purchase will go to veterans' charities. The restaurant is also matching donations.

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