The List: Fun facts about left-handed people

As featured on The List, there is more than just the obvious difference between left-handed people and right-handed people.

With the world designed around righties, it makes sense why lefties might get frustrated, but a study found that left-handed people are more prone to getting angry than right-handed people.

According to The List, this has to do with brain activity.

Left-handed people are right brain dominant which causes them to experience negative emotions like anger and fear more than right-handed people who are left brain dominant.

Despite this, enhanced negative emotions haven't limited left-handed people.

According to The List, modern lefties have an advantage in politics.

Three of the last five presidents were left-handed including President Barack Obama and former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Officials believe this is a result of politicians gesturing with their dominant hand in debates and televised events.

Because TVs flip the image, right-handed people, 88 percent of the population, see the left-handed candidate "as putting things in more of a positive light," according to The List.



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