'The List' finds 6 weird baby products you have to see to believe

New mothers always want the best for their babies. But there are some weird products out there for babies these days. Here is our list of zany baby products:

1) Baby Bangs:  They look great on Zooey Deschanel, and awesome on Michelle Obama, but how will bangs look on your newborn? Want to find out? Throw on "Baby Bangs." It's the perfect way to tell the world "she's a girl!"

2) Crib Shoes: What's the best first age to get your daughter her first pair of heels? Apparently, it's 12 or 13 weeks. That's right: you can buy black patent leather heel crib shoes from Heelicious.

3) Perfume:  Now it's time to add a little bit of baby perfume. That's right -- It's eau de toilette for people who don't know how to use the toilet. Johnson's, Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana have all released their own versions used to enhance the baby's own fresh scent.

4) Baby Mop: What if you have a clean baby, but a dirty floor? Welcome to the Baby Mop. According to the company, it's both soft and adorable. But is it absorbent? Sure, it's no Roomba, but it's finally putting that 6-month old freeloader to work.

5) Babykeeper Basic:  When you use a public restroom, you might want to try the Babykeeper Basic. All you'll need to do is hang little Junior from the door and keep those germs on the soles of your feet.   

6) Hand Pillows:  All babies need a soothing touch -- from a giant synthetic hand filled with rice?  Order some Zaky Therapeutic Positioning Pillows for around $32, and your baby can be held and secure even while you're in the next room.

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