The List: Coca Cola testing healthier ingredients in new version

As featured on The List, Coca Cola is testing a new version of their classic cola that replaces the sugar with a more natural sweetener. 

Coca Cola Life is currently being marketed in South America as a healthier alternative to regular Coke by using stevia as a substitute for sugar.

Stevia is an herb native to South America, and as a result, the people there are more accustomed to it.

Because of this, Coca Cola decided to test it in Argentina before spreading it to other parts of the world.

The green-labeled alternative is less than half the calories of regular Coca Cola.

A 20-ounce bottle of Coca Cola Life is 108 calories compared to 252 calories in the same size Coca Cola bottle.

Pepsi's CEO says stevia does not work well in colas although The List points out the company uses it in their Australia version.

Would you try Coca Cola Life? Let us know.

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