The BEST viral videos of the week; from an inspirational basketball shot to Kate Upton washing a car

Thousands of videos are downloaded every day onto the internet, but only a select few go viral.

Check out the BEST viral videos of the week, that all your friends will be talking about.

Kate Upton washes a Mercedes-Benz

This video went viral FAST this week, take a look and you'll see why:


A failed assassination in Sofia

A man attempted to kill Ahmed Dogan at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.


An amazing basketball game for an amazing young man

Owen Groesser, an 8th grader with down syndrome, nails 2 three-pointers in his first game in Michigan.


The Michelle Obama eye roll

Michelle Obama rolls her eyes about something John Boehner says at dinner.


Hard hits don't stop Jerad

Jerad was injured in a mountain biking accident and had to have part of his leg removed. He didn't let that amputation stop him from participating in the sport he loves.



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