Singapore Airline has 'kid free zones' on flights

A screaming child on a long flight is the worst nightmare for some people and one Asian airline is taking steps to keep that from happening.

Kids are getting the boot yet again, as the airline created a kid free zone, called "ScootinSilence" named after the airline, Scoot, which is the low-cost carrier for Singapore Airlines. For a small upgrade fee of $14 you get to sit in a 41 seat cabin in "Super seats" with four inches of extra legroom, ABC News says.

This airline isn't the first to quarantine kids, AirAsia X flights ban children under 12 from the first seven rows of the economy cabin. Malaysian Airlines also has a history of keeping kids out of first class, ABC News says.

The trend may not be stopping there. Various businesses in the hospitality industry such as a Virginia sushi restaurant has refused service to people younger than 18.

In the classic words of Annie the orphan, "It's a hard knock life."

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