Website an open forum for women to expose alleged mistresses

Women accusing their husbands or boyfriends of cheating on them have found an online outlet that gets the word out to other women.

The website offers these scorned women an open forum to anonymously shame the alleged mistresses, according to ABC News.

Noemi Sanchez, 29, found comfort by posting on after she discovered her husband of nearly eight years was cheating on her while she was pregnant with their third child.

Sanchez said she found out about the affair through the couple's phone bill.

Her husband asked for a divorce and that's when Sanchez began posting on with personal details and a photo of the other woman stolen from her husband, according to ABC News.

Sanchez said she isn't afraid the other woman would sue for slander because she said she's got proof of it all.

But one woman who found herself on the website, 29-year-old Dana Scott, found her name and location posted and told ABC News she's been flooded with insulting comments, "derogatory names, even death wishes online."

Many of those "other women" say the damage can be long lasting.

The website, which has 250,000 likes on Facebook, was started by a woman who goes by the online alias Ariella Alexander.

She said she created it to teach adulteresses a lesson.

Alexander says that it's about respect, but Dana Scott says the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Scott said when she realized her lover wasn't going to leave his wife she ended the relationship and even called his wife to apologize. By then she was four months pregnant with the man's child.

She's about to finish nursing school and is afraid the post about her on the website will affect her chances at getting a job.

ABC News contacted some of the alleged homewreckers and all said they were innocent victims, another example of how these revenge websites can destroy someone's life.

These kinds of websites say they aren't breaking the law because the people posting on the sites are making the comments, ABC News reports.

In spite of what many see as a form of cyber bullying, many of the scorned women feel vindicated.

Is this an emotional outlet or cyber bullying? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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