Police: Burglar posed as cop to knock on doors of Westfield, Indiana homes

WESTFIELD, INDIANA - A 21-year-old man has been arrested in a string of break-ins, where police said he would sometimes pose as a cop in order to see if anyone was home.

Westfield, Indiana police said some homes had jewelry and other items stolen over the past two weeks.

When residents spotted the suspected bandit trying their neighbors' doors, police arrived and quickly arrested Dustin Lappin, 21, of Hamilton County.

He was being held on Tuesday on charges of attempted burglary, impersonating a public servant, intimidation and harassment.

Police have obtained a search warrant to try and link his DNA to several different crimes in that neighborhood, and possibly others.

In their search warrant probable cause affidavit, police wrote that one homeowner was home when Lappin knocked on the door, claiming to be a landscaping contractor acting on behalf of the local homeowner's association.

Lappin left, police said, but then later returned when the victim had left for work.

The victim came home from work and found his back window shattered. Jewelry and other household items were stolen.

At another victim's home nearby, police said Lappin was seen knocking on the door and then leaving a card indicating that he was a detective with the Fishers Police Department.

The real police ended up finding a mesh bag near a neighborhood business after arresting Lappin.

Police wrote that they found the original victim's jewelry in that bag, along with a throwing knife and other items that may have been stolen from other homes.

Officers wrote in their search warrant that they needed a DNA sample from Lappin to compare with DNA from other break-ins.

Other charges could be filed if police come up with any matches to clear other crimes.

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