Monopoly ditching jail time? What's next?

Monopoly fans may soon have to get used to another change to the game.

As they get over the loss of the iron game token, a new version of the game, Monopoly Empire, would get rid of the jail square, according to Yahoo! Games.

According to the report, the changes are being made to appeal to younger children who have a shorter attention spans.

You'll no longer collect properties in the new game but instead will buy and trade the world's top brands, opening the door to blatant advertising for companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald's, Samsung and others, according to Yahoo! Games.

But getting rid of jail? Apparently, kids these days don't have the time to get stuck there so it's on its way out.

Yahoo! Games says games like jail-less Monopoly will bridge the gap between traditional toys and social media, electronic games and television.

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