McDonald's workers slam online budget, which tells employees they need 2nd job

McDonald's Corporation's response to demands for fair wages was to create an online budget for its workers that tells employees they need a second job to survive.

The online tool attempts to allow its employees to create a monthly budget based on their incomes and expenses.

The group Low Pay Is Not OK has since expressed alarm from some of the assumptions in the sample employee budget.

The tool assumes that employees are working at least two jobs to make the annual $24,000 that McDonald's deems necessary to make ends meet.

However, even if this were enough, employees working a 40-hour week would need to make roughly $12.80 per hour to meet this mark. This is far more than the $7 or $8 an hour wages that most fast-food employees earn, reported The Huffington Post .

In addition to this, the budget underestimates the cost of housing and healthcare, especially for employees living in cities like New York City, suggesting employees set aside $20 for healthcare and $600 for housing each month.

McDonald's Media Relations director Danya Proud told The Huffington Post that the sample budgets are "intended to provide a general outline of what an individual budget may look like."

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