McDonald's explains how Chicken McNuggets are made (VIDEO)

McDonald's Canada is giving you an inside look at exactly how those chicken nuggets are made.

In the nearly three-minute video titled " Pink goop in Chicken McNuggets? McDonald's Canada answers " the company said they're responding to a customer's question regarding a widely circulated picture online.

Nicolette Stefou, a supply chain manager with McDonald's Canada, takes you on a tour of the Chicken McNugget-making process at a factory in Ontario.

According to the video, the process starts with whole chicken being split into various cuts, including breast meat. The meat is then ground and seasoned. That ground meat is then stamped into the 4 nugget shapes: a ball, bell, boot and bow tie. Did you even know they came in specific shapes?

The nuggets are then covered twice in a batter, flash-fried, frozen, packaged and shipped out to the restaurants where the nuggets will be fully cooked.

Watch the entire video below. (Mobile users:

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