Man takes on shark protected only by a birdcage (VIDEO)

A funny stunt involving a bird cage and a shark turned dangerous for one man in Australia.

Twin brothers Shaun and Dean Harrington were shooting an extreme video to promote their surfing and fishing clothing line.

Twenty-seven-year-old Shaun decided to use a parrot cage as a funny take on a shark cage.

The brothers had already caught a large tiger shark, still in the water next to their boat.

Shaun put the bird cage over his head and plunged into the water off the Gold Coast, thinking he was a safe distance from the shark.

But the shark wasn't done yet. It lunged at Shaun, who actually used the bird cage at one point to fend off the shark.

Shaun said he thought the shark was going to take his leg off and that he was going to die.


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