KTVU apologizes for inaccurate report of Asiana pilots' names

Shortly after airing their Friday noon newscast, KTVU publicly apologized for reporting inaccurate names of the four pilots aboard Asiana flight 214.

The names that phonetically spelled out phrases such as "We Too Low" and "Something Wrong" were intended to be a joke but went unnoticed by the newsroom.

According to  Media Bistro, the station, which recently boasted its reliable coverage, said it was provided bad information confirmed by a National Transportation Safety Board official.

However, this "official" was an intern who "acted outside the scope of his authority" by erroneously confirming the names, according to a statement by NTSB. 

Despite this statement, KTVU takes full responsibility in their apology admitting to not reading the names aloud or phonetically sounding them out prior to the newscast.

Neither the station nor the NTSB said where the names came from.

Watch the KTVU report below


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