How to get a raise: 6 things to NEVER do at your desk

Hoping to get a raise or promotion at work, or do you just want to get through your next evaluation with a good review?

Either way, you may want to know some "desk don'ts."

The website has listed a number of things you should never do at your desk or cubicle at work, unless you have a private office, which most people don't have these days. It calls them " Crimes of the cubicle."

Save This For Home

It lists a number of inexcusable cubicle activities that could hurt you at evaluation time, beginning with:

--Personal grooming, such as manicures and fingernail trimming: Co-workers can hear a nail trimming, or smell nail polish, across the room. Save this for the bathroom.

--Assembling sandwiches: Discrete eating is OK as long as you don't make a scene of it. Skip the sandwich-making drama. And never bring in sliced onions from home.

--Excessive decorating, as if your desk is a college dorm room: Or if you are a single woman, skip the "man board" with pictures of Justin Bieber, Nick Lachey, etc. on it.

--Sitting barefoot: Invariably, the boss will stop by to introduce a new hire, and you will be forced to stand up, with bare feet showing. This is fine if your place of employment has foosball tables, basketball hoops and bicycles everywhere; not so much elsewhere.

--Talking too loudly on the phone, especially if it is not work-related.

--And pretending you are not sick when you are sniffing, coughing, and it's obvious to everyone you should have stayed home.

The Bottom Line says a good rule of thumb to remember is that if it's something you wouldn't do in front of your boss, don't do it at your desk.

Your desk is not as private as you think. Other people are watching and listening, and will talk about it.

That way you get your raise and you don't waste your money.

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