'The List': How to choose the right fitness tracker

This month, the Fitbit Flex became the latest entrant in the race to dominate the wearable fitness technology market. 

The Fitbit Flex tracks your movement, calories burned and sleep patterns from your wrist. It syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone to provide tons of data about your routine.  You can track how you're performing versus your friends and see different options. 

You don't get a ton of data on the device itself--only a small strip of LED lights that represent your progress towards your goal.

The competing Nike Plus Fuelband has a display that can show steps and function like a watch.

Jawbone, mostly known for headsets and speakers, sells the Jawbone Up. You don't get any type of display, but you do get motion tracking and synchronization like the other wrist trackers.

Price-wise, the Fitbit Flex is the cheapest at $99, the Jawbone Up is $129 and the Nike Fuelband is $149. 

While there are some feature differences, a lot of the key differences with these devices exist on the software side. 

And, of course, on the fashion side. The idea is, you're going to be wearing this every single day, so your choice may come down to something as simple as which one looks less ridiculous on your arm.

ABI research estimated that nearly 30 million wearable wireless fitness trackers shipped in 2012.  Eventually, these devices may report stats to your doctor, test your sweat, etc.  It's potentially a huge market, which is why so many companies are sprinting to innovate and woo consumers.

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