Girls at New Jersey high school pledge not to swear as part of civility lesson

ARLINGTON, NJ - Girls at one New Jersey Catholic school think it just not fair that they were asked to take a no-cursing pledge last week and the boys weren't.

A teacher who launched the civility pledge said it was simple – "We want ladies to act like ladies," according to a report by

The principal, Brother Larry Lavallee added that the girls have the foulest language.

Despite feeling that it was double standard, most girls were up for the challenge.

One female student felt boys should also join the pledge because "boys should be more like gentlemen."

Teachers are hoping that by the girls cleaning up their language for a month, their improved manners will rub off on the boys.

The boys at Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington have been asked not to swear "in the presence of ladies."

But they didn't take the same pledge and they were not prohibited from swearing when the girls weren't around.


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