Gardening expert shares tips for decorative flower pots

CINCINNATI - Sandra Hassman gets paid to play in the dirt. She specializes in creating decorative flower containers at Greenfield Plant Farm in Anderson Township.

She shared her list for perfect pots.

1. Start with a pot that has good drainage.

"You need drainage holes in the bottom and then you fill it up with a potting soil that's good quality from your local garden center," Hassman said.

That's potting soil, not the heavier garden soil. 

2. Pick plants with a variety of heights, colors, and leaf shapes.

"You can choose something spiky for the middle, and that's called the thriller. And then something moundy around that that's called the filler, and then something that trails down the end of the container that's called the spiller," she explained.

3. Choose flowers that fit the location.

"If you're going to use it in the sun, then you want to choose all plants that are for sun. Or if you're going to use it for shade, pick the shade plants," advised Hassman

For gardeners with a not-so-green-thumb, Hassman recommended these hardy plants: Cordyline Red Sister in the center as the thriller; billowy blooms such as the fragrant Heliotrope for the surround, or filler; and Creeping Jenny to slide down the side as the spiller.

You can save about $20 per pot by making your own instead of buying them.

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