Doctor gives TIPS to deal with allergy season

Coughing, sneezing, running noses.

"You're paying the price for warmer weather," said Dr. Akhil Chouksey, Director of Allergy and Immunology at the Metro Health Medical Center. "The later the frost comes, the longer that things bloom, the longer the pollens are going to be prevalent."

Chouksey said the top three allergens, in order of the allergy seasons, can be remembered with T.G.R. "'T' for trees, ‘G' for grass, and ‘R' for ragweed." 

Right now, we're dealing with trees. And according to the specialist, "The tree pollen here is actually very aggressive." 

If you deal with allergies, here are some tips:

1) Don't want to avoid the outdoors? "Middle of the day or afternoon is probably better," Chouksey said.

2) Do you deal with itchy skin or rashes? The doctor gives this tip: "The more you cover, the pollen will land on the cloths, as opposed to the skin. [Also,] people put a lot of cream and moisturizing lotion and then go out, it becomes a magnet and things will stick to the skin." 

3) Chouksey said the biggest thing to remember is, "First, you know what you have--don't assume you know what you got. If spring is a problem, prepare yourself. There are tons of medications, very effective medications."

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