Dead for 40 minutes: Man revived by new CPR technique

An Australian man was clinically dead for 40 minutes before being brought back to life by a new resuscitation technique.

Doctors pronounced Colin Fiedler, 39, dead last June after he had a heart attack, the Herald Sun reported.

They were able to revive him, however, using a mechanical CPR machine called the "AutoPulse" and a portable heart-lung machine that kept blood and oxygen flowing to his vital organs.

Fiedler is one of three patients revived using the method after being declared dead for 40 to 60 minutes, the Herald Sun reported.

The AutoPulse is a support pump that moves more blood throughout the body than manual compressions, minimizing "no-flow" time and squeezing the entire chest as opposed to regular CPR, which only affects one area.

The U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information tested the effect of AutoPulse on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitations in 2011. It ruled the device was "promising" and could be "beneficial as a care strategy."

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