Daughter surprises dying father with faux wedding father-daughter dance (VIDEO)

AUBURN, CA - Rachel Wolf and her dying father James Wolf shared a beautiful father-daughter wedding dance as the town gazed on. However, Rachel is not even engaged.

The 25-year-old arranged a surprise faux wedding so that her father would be at her wedding no matter what – even if it's only on video.

Rachel's father, Dr. James Wolf, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2011 and after nearly two years of chemotherapy and surgery, his time is running out, according to ABC News .

Rachel sent her father an invitation requesting his presence at a father-daughter dance and told him to bring dress pants and a shirt, but the 58-year-old still had no idea what was going on.  

With the help of donations from stores, Rachel was reportedly able to wear a white wedding dress and dance to "Cinderella" with her father at an Auburn park Saturday.

Because James devotedly practiced medicine in the community for 25 years, reportedly even making house calls to his patients, the faux wedding also served as a way for the town to come and bid their farewells.

Although the entire event was recorded by KXTV, Rachel told ABC that she is not planning on watching the video until her actual wedding.

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