Bigfoot tracker kicks off world tour in Phoenix to show off the beast he says he captured

PHOENIX - A man claiming to have caught and killed the mythical beast Bigfoot kicks off an international tour in Phoenix Tuesday.

Rick Dyer says he caught Bigfoot outside San Antonio, Texas, in Sept. 2012, and will be bringing him along for the big world tour. Dyer calls himself "the best Bigfoot tracker in the world," and he calls the beast he killed "Hank."

"This is your chance in seeing a real Bigfoot with your own eyes," Dyer wrote on his website, "Seeing the creature in real life will amaze you."

Dyer was involved in a Bigfoot hoax in 2008, according to the Daily Mail. The Bigfoot he displayed at that time was actually just a rubber suit.

Dyer and his beast are scheduled to come to Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday, though no venue is planned yet. There are also stops planned in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

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