Believe them? 3 casino myths put to the test

Luck is good fortune that happens beyond a person's control. Everyone hopes to have it especially stepping into a casino.

You have probably heard about a few tricks that will help you win big bucks, and other myths about one of the Valley's most popular activities.

We sat down with the experts to help separate fact from fiction.

Troy Stremming, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Ameristar Casinos, has worked in the gaming industry for 17 years.

"Over the years, one or two people that think they are casino experts or they are high rollers they say a few of these things and they stick."

Myth: Casinos pump oxygen onto the game floor to get people to stay longer and spend more money.

Stremming said this is false.

"I can't imagine the size of the oxygen tank it would take to really have any impact on the level of oxygen that is in the air of a casino this size."

Myth: Casinos design their carpet in such a dizzying fashion it confuses people with these patterns so that they can't find their way out of a casino.

Stremming said this is false.

"I have to say in 17 years in this industry I still have failed to find anyone walking around the casino aimlessly, not being able to find their way out while staring out of the carpet."

Myth: Someone monitors a security camera and decides which patron will receive a big payout.

Stremming said this is false.

"Each slot machine is its own computer, and each one is highly regulated."

So, you won't see more winners at the machines at the end of the aisles and no one determines a "hot" or "cold" table and who at the table is due for a payout.

"The casino industry is one of the most highly-regulated industries out there. We are a publicly traded company."

One myth that may have some truth to it? The lack of clocks inside casinos. In order to get patrons to stay longer and spend more money, many casinos won't put clocks on the wall. But, industry experts say they don't prohibit patrons from knowing the time.

"There is not a clock inside our casino but we do not make people check their watches at the door."


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