Ari Mandel tries to sell his spot in heaven on eBay

NEW JERSEY - Turns out not everything is for sale, not even on eBay.

According to the New York Daily News, the site has pulled a man's auction for his "portion in olam habbah (heaven).

Ari Mandel, a Jewish man from Teaneck, N.J, posted the prime spot on the auction's website Tuesday morning.

The winner would have won two signed contracts, one guaranteeing Mandel's "timeshare" in the skies and the other promising Mandel would keep the spot open by abstaining from sin.

Bidding started at 99 cents and skyrocketed within hours to nearly $100,000.

Once eBay got word, they shut down the auction after receiving numerous complaints from people who thought Mandel's post was offensive.

An eBay representative called Mandel and reminded him that users aren't allowed to sell intangible items.

Mandel said the auction was a "harmless prank."

He told the Daily News: "To those of you who took this seriously, chill out. It was just a joke," he said. "Whether or not you're a believer in this sort of thing, chill out."


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