Applebee's waitress, Alois Bell: Waitress fired over photo of receipt on which a pastor complained

A hasty comment over a large gratuity went viral and cost a waitress her job.

It happened at an Applebee's in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Apparently an automatic 18 percent gratuity was added to the bill since there were more than eight people in the party.

Pastor Alois Bell wrote on the receipt, "I give God 10% why do you get 18?" reports the server, Chelsea Welch, snapped a photo of the receipt from another server and uploaded it to Reddit.

Welch told she thought the note was insulting but also comical.

Bell called the restaurant to complain and said the ensuing controversy had "ruined" her reputation.

Welch said she isn't buying Bell's embarrassment and was surprised she was fired because there's nothing in the handbook specifically about this type of behavior.

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