Inspection photos show why Glendale West Apartments were closed down

GLENDALE, AZ - The ABC15 Investigators uncovered photos, inspection reports and police log that show why the  Glendale West Apartments were closed down. The records reveal loose wiring, broken glass, water leaks and mold were issues at the complex.


“Unsafe”, “unsanitary” and “high health hazard” are just a few of the words city building code inspectors used to describe what they found at a Glendale apartment complex.

The Glendale West Apartments, on 75th and Glendale Avenues, were ruled unsafe for residents to live. They were deemed so unsafe, most residents were only given three days to pack up their belongings. The buildings were considered “imminently unsafe,” according to reports.

Sam McAllen is the Director of Development Services for the City of Glendale. He said they had to close down the apartment building, “to make sure that the life and safety of the individuals who had been in those different units were protected.”


The city inspection report shows major building code violations, work done without permits, potential fire hazards, safety issues, and unsanitary conditions that include human waste.

The inspections came after Glendale Police noticed exposed wiring and loose floorboards while helping the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) with a federal criminal investigation. That investigation is still on-going.


Photographs taken during the inspection, show loose, exposed or re-routed wiring. They also show buckled flooring, loose railings, mold, water leaks, broken glass windows, exposed carpet tacks and broken and missing smoke alarms.


Police records show the Glendale Police Department was often called to the apartments. They told ABC15, calls for service were five times higher there than any other apartment complex that size.

Police say that over the past three years, there have been 569 calls for service at the apartment complex. There are 46 apartments total.

Many of the calls involved drugs, guns, fights, robberies and felony warrants.

The crime statistics also show police patrolled the area in 2014. They initiated 23 of the calls for service themselves.

The owner of the complex must appeal the findings by Friday, February 27, 2015.

The ABC15 Investigators have been trying to contact him for comment, but he has yet to respond.

The City of Glendale could decide to fix the problems or tear down the buildings. 

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