Deputy Ruben Garcia's shooter, Donald Miller, had two orders of protection against him

PHOENIX - The man accused of shooting a Maricopa County deputy early Tuesday morning had personal protection orders filed against him twice in the span of a decade.

Most recently, Donald Keith Miller Sr.'s ex-wife, Kristie Phelps-Miller, filed for an order of protection against him in June.

"He has been to my house several times uninvited," she wrote in her petition. "He will not stop calling me, texting me and leaving me messages, he has threatened to harm himself, owns a gun (.45) and has brought it with him to my house," she wrote.

"He is unpredictable on a daily basis and I am scared of what he may do next," the petition continued.

Records filed in the Peoria Municipal Court in late 2012 indicate Miller pleaded guilty to violating the protection order in July 2012.

Phelps-Miller filed for divorce from Donald Miller in February 2012. 

In 2002, Miller's previous ex-wife filed for an order of protection against him.

In her petition, she cited threats, harassment, and "physical violance (sic) with friends police were called."

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