Aviation expert: Recent LAX security training drill paid off

PHOENIX - A shooter opened fire in a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Friday, killing one TSA officer and wounding others.

Law enforcement at LAX confirmed Friday that airport authorities ran through this scenario in a security drill recently.

Aviation security expert Glen Winn, of Condor-Avsec Inc., told the ABC15 Investigators that without that kind of training more lives could have been lost in the airport shootings.

"If this would have evolved into a terrorist incident they really locked down the airport very quickly," Winn said. "So their training that they had done over the past several weeks really paid off."

Winn told the ABC15 Investigators that airports are required by law to conduct drills like this at least once a year, including Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport.

But, Sky Harbor and Phoenix Police officials said Friday that all airport security measures, including training, are considered "Security Sensitive Information." They will not discuss it publicly.

Sky Harbor officials did confirm that they comply with the law by conducting at least one security drill every year.

But, in light of the relatively low number of casualties at LAX, Winn said he thinks the security measures in place at the airport worked exactly as they were supposed to – and probably helped save lives. 

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