Woman stuck with thousands of bees even though she paid for guaranteed removal

When you pay for a lifetime warranty, you would expect it to last.

It's why Rae Bruins paid extra for hers.

Rae paid about $300 more for a lifetime warranty in case the bees she had removed, ever came back.

And she had a lot of bees at her Valley home. Rae says there were about 30,000 bees and about 40 lbs. of honeycomb hiding in her outside porch ceiling.

She hired Desert Sky Pest Control of Glendale.

They sprayed the bees and Rae paid extra for removal of the honeycomb and a lifetime guarantee to come back if the bees were back.

Well, about nine months later, she noticed more bees.

Rae says she called Desert Sky Pest Control over and over again, but didn't get a call back.

So she spent another $400 with a different exterminator and had the problem solved.

But she says Desert Sky Pest Control should have lived up to its warranty.

Rae says after she complained to the state, the business owner Paul O'Neill did call her back and said he hadn't received any calls from her.

Then Rae showed me a list of calls she had made to his business number.

We also tried to get hold of O'Neill. We left messages, but didn't get any response.

So we tracked him down and found him outside of a bank.

He wouldn't talk about the situation there.

Later, he sent a email that didn't address Rae's issue with the warranty.

O'Neill did write "I remember you calling a while back and my attitude was less than accommodating when you wanted to inquire about this. I apologize for that."

Read the rest of Paul O'Neill's email response here.

Be careful whenever you pay extra for "lifetime" warranties or guarantees. Sometimes, the business has a different idea of what that means, than you do.

And makes sure to at least run a simple internet search on any business before hiring them.

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